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#1 Re: General discussion » Getting new players » 2015-06-24 19:46:52


I haven't used linux in a while but don't they usually have some repositories for games and other software? Would it be possible to get intricacy on some of them?

Not sure how hard to do it would be but android version could be nice, I imagine touch controls could be pretty decent for the game.

Also I did mention the game on another forum I regularly visit and some guy didn't really like the tutorials he said "They introduce to many mechanics at once with little to no explanation on what each one does.
Took me five minutes just to figure out how to move things in the first level. The left-side yellow piece in the second level is unnecessary. In order to get that far I've already figured out how the ball works, level done." about it.

I'm not sure but maybe after the tutorial levels it should explain the metagame and the main screen a bit. Tooltips do explain most of it but a screen showing most of them near the relevant parts might make it faster for people to familiarize with.

You could also try making the graphics "prettier" and more thematic or something. Though I'm not sure if better graphics would really be worth doing but I imagine some people would be more likely to give the game a shot if the locks actually looked like locks or something. For example having some steampunk gears background for the lock area might make it a bit prettier or it could just look absolutely horrible.

#2 Re: General discussion » Streaming Peculiarities » 2015-06-23 03:18:30


Have you tried setting steam to "Record video from all applications on this machine"? It still won't get you an overlay but I'd be surprise if the game still doesn't at least show up.

#3 Re: General discussion » big lock server » 2015-06-21 12:59:27


I tried switching server but I get a error saying something like:
"C:\\Users\\...\\cache\\": invalid argument (The directory name is invalid.)

#4 Re: General discussion » Proposal for adjusted scoring system » 2015-06-20 00:16:37


Hmm good points.
Just for the sake of it, if it'd somehow work nicely picking 1 or 2 notes to move to a new lock while rest went public might help a lot with making boring locks public and good ones not becoming public(thinking that it's a pity that I made all of my notes on good locks public was probably the main reason for wanting to keep some notes).

By the time my thoughts turned to inheriting all notes I mostly had forgotten why I wanted to keep them and was just thinking about how being able to improve a lock 1 or 2 times before making the notes behind it public would be nice, so yeah.

Not being too addictive sounds nice. But the difference between not coming back until they want to and not even remembering the game exist isn't huge so hopefully the RSS feed and maybe even email notifications about how there are X new locks I haven't tried will help with that.

#5 Re: General discussion » Proposal for adjusted scoring system » 2015-06-19 23:04:41


Hmm I wonder... :P
I guess it makes me a bit too reluctant to make improve a lock since I'll have nothing to put behind the new lock.
I can live with the current system but I'm not sure if it's good that the "correct" way to do things is not putting any notes behind a lock until you think it's the best lock ever.

#6 Re: General discussion » Proposal for adjusted scoring system » 2015-06-19 22:37:47


What about to avoid potential confusion about which notes people have access to inheriting all of the notes and privys to a new lock? Probably should come with some penalty like your esteem dropping towards people who already solved it or something.

This forum doesn't have a new reply warning :( You posted while I was still editing my last post.

#7 Re: General discussion » Proposal for adjusted scoring system » 2015-06-19 22:16:23


Hmm not sure if if I explained very well since you speak of burnt notes, I wasn't thinking the notes would disappear anywhere but you'd just have to pick a new lock for the notes you for some reason don't have to make public on retiring.

Oh right, I think I get it now. You're saying if a person solved a lock and then the lock was retired with some notes now behind a new lock it'd become unclear which notes you still had access to and such. Hmm...

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